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APVMA Code :51217
Active Constituent(s):
Group 4M3 Fungicide
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Commercial Use Domestic Use

Overview Primarily a protective fungicide with some curative action, Axiom MZ 720 fungicide will control Downy mildew and certain other diseases in cucurbits, lettuce and onions. Also controlled are late and early blights in potatoes and blue mould in tobacco.
Recommended Uses Control of Downy Mildew in cucurbits, lettuce and onions and late and early blights in potatoes and blue mould in tobacco.
Advantages Has mostly protective and some curative action of a wide range of important diseases.
Benefits Wide crop and disease use pattern.
Chemical Group dithiocarbamate + acylalanine
General Instructions AXIOM MZ 720 is a fungicide combining both systemic and curative properties of metalaxyl with the protective properties of mancozeb. AXIOM MZ 720 should be applied as a protective fungicide before Downy Mildew disease occurs. However if infection has already occurred AXIOM MZ 720 should be applied as soon as possible after the infection period and preferably before oil-spots appear, to obtain optimum control of downy mildew.

Application in vine crops
Dilute Spraying:
Use a sprayer designed to apply high volumes of water up to the point of run-off and matched to the crop being sprayed. Set up and operate the sprayer to achieve even coverage throughout the crop canopy. Apply sufficient water to cover the crop to the point of run-off. Avoid excessive run-off. The required water volume may be determined by applying different test volumes, using different settings on the sprayer, from industry guidelines or expert advice. Add the amount of product specified in the Directions For Use table for each 100 L of water. Spray to the point of run-off. The required dilute spray volume will change and the sprayer set up and operation may also need to be changed, as the crop grows.
Concentrate Spraying:
Use a sprayer designed and set up for the concentrate spraying (that is a sprayer which applies water volumes less than those required to reach the point of run-off) and matched to the crop being sprayed. Set up and operate the sprayer to achieve even coverage throughout the crop canopy using your chosen water volume.
Determine an appropriate dilute spray volume (See Dilute Spraying above) for the crop canopy. This is needed to calculate the concentrate mixing rate. The mixing rate for concentrate can then be calculated in the following way:
1. Dilute spray volume as determined above: For example 2000 L/ha.
2. Your chosen concentrate spray volume: For example 500 L/ha.
3. The concentration factor in this example is: 4 x (ie 2000 L / 500 L = 4).
4. If the dilute label rate is 250 g/100 L, then the concentrate rate becomes 4 x 250, that is 1 kg/100 L of concentrate spray.
The chosen spray volume, amount of product per 100 L of water, and the sprayer set up and operation may need to be changed as the crop grows. For further information on concentrate spraying, users are advised to consult relevant industry guidelines, undertake appropriate competency training and follow industry Best Practices.

AXIOM MZ 720 is a wettable powder formulation packed in water soluble packaging. The water soluble bags dissolve easily in water. DO NOT excessively handle water soluble bags or expose to moisture. DO NOT touch bags with wet hands. Return unused bags to a primary pack. For mixing adhere to the following recommendations.
1. Partially fill the spray tank with water.
2. Throw in the required number of water soluble bags (or premix bags in bucket and add slurry to spray tank).
3. Ensure agitation system is fully engaged. Ensure bag does not enter filter system.
4. Top up with correct volume of water. Bag should be completely dissolved before spraying commences. Continue agitation to ensure AXIOM MZ 720 is in suspension during spraying.
5. DO NOT store prepared spray solution, when spray solutions have been allowed to stand in the spray tank thoroughly re-agitate before using.

AXIOM MZ 720 is compatible with Monocron 400, Supracide 400, Electra, Farmoz Wetspray Surfactant and some formulations of carbaryl, endosulfan, sulphur and copper oxychloride.

Restraints DO NOT apply if rain is expected within 6 hours.
DO NOT apply as a post-infection curative spray on crops as this will favour the development of resistant disease strains.
Application should be on a protectant programme basis only.
DO NOT use for disease control in greenhouse crops.
DO NOT apply more than 4 sprays per season (except for Tobacco).
Resistance Warning FARMOZ AXIOM MZ 720 Systemic & Protective Fungicide is a combination of a Phenylamide and a Multi-site Activity Fungicide. For fungicide resistance management AXIOM MZ 720 is both a Group 4 and a Group M3 fungicide. Some naturally occurring individual fungi resistant to AXIOM MZ 720 and other Group 4 and/or Group M3 fungicides may exist through normal genetic variability in any fungal population. The resistant individuals can eventually dominate the fungi population if these fungicides are used repeatedly. These resistant fungi will not be controlled by AXIOM MZ 720 and other Group 4 and/or Group M3 fungicides, thus resulting in a reduction in efficacy and possible yield loss.
Since the occurrence of resistant fungi is difficult to detect prior to use, FARMOZ Pty. Ltd. accepts no liability for any losses that may result from the failure of AXIOM MZ 720 to control resistant fungi.
Protection of wildlife, fish, crustaceans and environment DO NOT contaminate ponds, waterways and drains with the chemical or used containers.
Safety Directions Will irritate the eyes, nose, throat and skin. Avoid contact with the eyes and skin. DO NOT inhale dust or spray mist. When preparing spray and using prepared spray wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist, a washable hat, elbow-length PVC gloves and face shield or goggles. If product in eyes, wash it out immediately with water. Wash hands after use. After each day's use, wash gloves, face shield or goggles and contaminated clothing.
Storage Store in the closed, original container in a dry, cool, well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.
Disposal DO NOT dispose of undiluted chemicals on site. Puncture and bury empty containers in a local authority landfill. If no landfill is available, bury the containers below 500 mm in a disposal pit specifically marked and set up for this purpose clear of waterways, desirable vegetation and tree roots. Empty containers and product should not be burnt.
Precautions Re-entry Period
DO NOT allow entry into treated areas until the spray has dried. When prior entry is necessary, wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist and chemical resistant gloves. Clothing must be laundered after each day's use.

Human Flaggers
DO NOT use human flaggers unless they are protected by engineering controls such as vehicles with cabs.

Product details last updated on 23 Aug 2012

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